I truly believe that when you’re young, you should think that the world is yours and you can do whatever the fuck you want with it, and people should get out of your way. As you get older, though, you realize— and this is good news, but it’s also devastating— that there will be love that will die and love that you can’t understand anymore. I don’t think I would disappear or die or kill myself if this love disappeared— I may wish I did, but life would just go on. That’s the bleakness in this album, and it’s the nature of reality. It’s a motherfucker. The more joy we feel, the more we know that there’s suffering and pain in the world. You can’t know one without having a realization of the other.
Wayne Coyne talks to Larry Fitzmaurice about 30 years of the Flaming Lips and the band’s new album, The Terror (via pitchfork)