books, paper, scissors: ARE YOU AN ARTIST???



In browsing the ‘everything’ stream on the new Artists on Tumblr tag today to find new artists to feature, I noticed that not many posts are being tagged with this yet (it did not take me long to browse through several days worth of posting) …………I know that a LOT of my followers, and the followers of my followers and the worldwide Tumblrsphere are artists that post their own work and that a LOT of original art is being posted by you all everyday! If you tag your own art posts with ‘artists on tumblr’ , then we can find you and promote your blog and follow you!

This new tag is a great way for us to find new artists posting their own work on Tumblr and can include illustrators, sculptors, crafters, designers, tattoo artists, photographers, musicians, writers………………

You can save this tag to your dashboard and check out the artists that are being featured every day. If you know that there are artists following your blog, let them know about this tag! If you have a friend who is an artist and looking to share their work, let them know about this tag!